About the Campaign

The It’s OK campaign was set up in 2012 by then 16 year old May Gabriel to tackle the stigma around teenage depression. The campaign was initially set up to “create a place where young people could see that they were not alone – and to emphasise the importance of being open about mental illness” and 5 years on the goal has still not changed.

Nowadays the campaign seeks to inform people about the realities of mental illness, there are so many campaigns encouraging talking about mental health and in the past few years great work has been done that the campaigns shift does not lie solely in tackling the stigma. We wish to not only engage the public in conversations about mental health but we also strive to give and share knowledge and experience regarding mental illnesses. Be this through sharing academic knowledge, artistic endeavors or purely sharing your own experience. (Submissions are always open!)

The It’s OK Campaign strives to be a hub of information, from first hand accounts of various mental health issues, to advice for those currently dealing with mental illness as well as their families and friends. With an ever-growing bank of resources, the It’s OK Campaign can be used as a tool to help everyone know that #ItsOK.

About May Gabriel

The campaign is still run solely by May who is 21 years-old and currently pursuing a Psychology degree at the University of Sussex. May has been a chronic sufferer of depression and was hospitalised throughout much of her teen years. As well as being a mental-health activist and student, May defines herself as LGBTQ* and lives with her partner in Brighton, UK.